Clinical Services

+ Enhanced Access In -hours Service: Our CQC Regulated NHS Activity

From October 2022, the Enhanced Access Service (Previously Extended Access) moved to PCN’s: they hold the contract and are responsible for delivery.
(Network Contract DES)

City Health has supported its PCN’s with this transition and worked closely with the BCA to support with the delivery of staffing as well as governance and oversight.

In Addition, PCN 6 subcontracted to City Health for the delivery of their new In-hours Enhanced service, these are targeted clinics for Paediatric Appointments and reducing Health Inequalities and Paediatric and Adult Phlebotomy.

We have flexibility to introduce other clinics that meet the criteria of improving access and/or reducing Health Inequalities.

+Enhanced Access In-hours Service: Our CQC Regulated NHS Service

  • Acute appointments in GP Paediatric Clinics
  • Practice Nurse Clinics: Cervical Screening / Diabetes Review
    Chronic Disease ManagementRespiratory, Diabetes & Hypertension Clinics
  • Paediatric/ Adult Phlebotomy Service
  • Potentially in future: Wound dressings, Spirometry, ECGs, foot checks, BabyImms, B12 injections, Ear syringing, Flu, Pneumococcal and Covid Vaccinations, LD & SMI Health Checks etc

+City Health -BCA contracted Enhanced Access
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Adhering to contract and responding to any results of audits and inspections as required
  • Participating in the BCA Enhanced Access Steering group as appropriate and working to ensure the smooth delivery of service provision
  • Identifying and highlighting any issues with service provision, and potential risks, and agreeing and implementing mitigating actions.
  • Ensuring all clinical and support staff have met all of their mandatory requirements to practice effectively, safely, and in line with Enhanced Access policies.
  • Rota’sare added to BCA’s enhanced access SystmOne module. City Health use Rota master to manage fair share allocation and then populate the SystmOne clinic titles. This system is accessed by BCA, TPC and City Federation.
  • Complaints Management- BCA help coordinate any complaints from the EA service and work with Partners to resolve. Any complaints are discussed at the EA delivery group with learning and actions added. EA has a separate policy to cover complaints and Incidents.

CLICS Support

  • City Health provides the SystmOne unit to hold the Community Connector and GP Cluster Caseloads actioning of all incoming referrals to ensure they are placed into the correct caseload groups.
  • Group training sessions were hosted by City Health at the start of the CLICS programmeand we provide training for new staff and refresher training for current staff.
  • We have produced a training booklet and Video guide, and can also provide Zoom or Face to Face training for groups or individuals which can be delivered alongside staff from the CLICS team.
  • To evidence the outcomes of the CLICS programme City Health is responsible for collating data for the ICB supplying a monthly dashboard.