Our priorities for 2016/2017 are:


1. Practice support
2. Workforce
  • Manage the development of the Fellowship Programme and other initiatives with Health Education East of England
  • Develop a plan for pre-retirement support for GPs to retain them in the workforce


Primary Care Landscape

GP practices are facing unprecedented challenges. The primary care regulatory landscape has changed dramatically since the last election.

  • Practice contracts are now managed by the …………….which has a Local Area Team (LAT) based in ……..and which may offer a different style of  support to that which practices received from NHS England.
  • GP involvement with commissioning has passed from the old commissioning groups to the CCG which can be tasked with new priorities impacting upon primary care.
  • There is an on-going need for financial savings
  • Powerful private sector competitors have entered the primary and community care market locally
  • The BMA appears to be less influential than in the past, allowing policy makers to drive the agenda.
  • Parts of the GP contract are to be offered for tender


Demographic changes continue to evolve along a now well defined trajectory, with an ageing population and in Bradford one which is more ethnically diverse and disadvantaged. Patient expectations are rising inexorably and workload is becoming more complex.

At the same time, recruiting GPs, and retaining older ones, is becoming more difficult.

Flat income and rising costs means partner drawings from core work will are falling, reinforcing recruitment difficulties, encouraging early retirement and placing additional pressures on practices.


These significant developments place primary care under increased pressure, and we are seeing:

  • Declining practice profits
  • Increasing clinical workload
  • A four-fold increase in advertised GP vacancies over the past 2 years
  • Difficulties with senior GP retention
  • Increased numbers of doctors and practices in difficulties


In this challenging landscape, CITY HEALTH has networked and joined up with member practices to pool their resources together to continue the drive to sustain quality patient care outcomes.

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